Get to know the Digital Pi team... PiPeeps

  • PiPeep - Claudia Kulaga

    PiPeep - Claudia Kulaga

    Claudia Kulaga, Senior Manager of Client Services, is featured in this edition of PiPeeps. Learn about her yoga skills, office assistant and why she's our resident Austin party planner in this PiPeep.

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  • PiPeep - Jessica Gericke

    PiPeep - Jessica Gericke

    Jessica Gericke, Director of Client Services, is featured in this edition of PiPeeps. Learn about the beautiful gift she received from her mother-in-law and what vacation spots are on her bucket list.

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  • PiPeep - Ryan Lencke

    PiPeep - Ryan Lencke

    Ryan Lencke, Finance Manager, is featured in this edition of PiPeeps. Learn where in New England Ryan likes to spend his free time and what it is about his job that makes him excited to log on everyda

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  • PiPeep - Ursula Ottman

    PiPeep - Ursula Ottman

    Ursula Ottman, Account Director, is featured in this edition of PiPeeps. From dinner with the founder of FedEx to home organization, Ursula covers it all. Learn more about her favorite part of working

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  • PiPeep - Jeff Coveney

    PiPeep - Jeff Coveney

    Jeff Coveney, EVP of Marketing and past Marketo Champ Elite, is featured in this edition of PiPeeps and it was a fun time to turn the camera around and focus on him!

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  • PiPeep - John Muehling

    PiPeep - John Muehling

    Parthenon. Pool. Pyramids. PiPeep! This time on PiPeeps is Digital Pi Vice President of Strategy, John Muehling. John tells us why working with lots of different clients keeps him happy and about his

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  • PiPeep - Nicole Burns

    PiPeep - Nicole Burns

    Nicole Burns, Senior Account Director at Digital Pi, is featured in this weeks PiPeep. From working with Marketo clients to dancing like Michael Jackson, Nicole really does it all!

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  • PiPeep - Ryan Vong

    PiPeep - Ryan Vong

    In this episode of Digital Pi's video series, PiPeeps, we are featuring Ryan Vong. Take a peek into Ryan's past as he answers some fun questions about life outside of Digital Pi.

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  • PiPeep - Bill Lundy

    PiPeep - Bill Lundy

    Get to know us better and watch Digital Pi's video series, PiPeeps, featuring different team members. In this edition Bill Lundy is in the hot seat answering some fun questions about what he loves abo

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